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How to Make Clear Ice at Home

Updated: Feb 16

We thought we had seen all of the most nit-picky trends in the bartending world, and then bartenders everywhere said "hold my beer". The newest and chilliest bartending trend is mastering the art of "clear ice".


Word on the street is that besides looking cool, clearer ice will last longer and melt slower due to the lack of air bubbles and the higher density.

Ok, so we aren't this judgey, but if you're trying to level up your ice game at home, here are some tips to make that chilly block as easy to see through as your ex's lies.

The type of water is super important

It's recommended to use purified or distilled water to ensure the best results. Boiled water is more likely to freeze clear than cold water, so we recommend boiling and then immediately pouring into a silicone, airtight mold.

Does it matter what type of mold or tray I use?

Silicone is more insulating and an airtight mold will make sure that crystals and impurities don't form on the ice. You can pick any shape you'd like, but we recommend starting simple with a sphere or cube shaped tray. Silicone molds also make the removal of the ice much easier in the end.

Freeze with patience

It is recommended to let your ice freeze for 18-24 hours to give it the best shot of coming our clear. The longer, the better, so plan ahead if you're throwing a party or trying to impress your MIL during her visit.

The art of clear ice is an imperfect science, so don't feel discouraged if it doesn't work perfectly the first time! Everyone's water quality, freezer temps, and molds are different, so keep trying because you're going to get it eventually.

Thanks and good luck!

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